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Democratic Dialogue publications are aimed at researchers, practitioners, and the general public. They include scholarly contributions to academic journals, articles in practitioner magazines, and newspaper opinion-editorial pieces.

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DemocraticDialogue.com Occasional Paper Series #17
No Child Left Thinking: Democracy At-Risk in American Schools
by Joel Westheimer


Phi Delta Kappan. April 2006 special issue on Patriotism and Education. Guest edited by Joel Westheimer. (follow links on table of contents to get full access to the articles)

Also, see responses and letters to the special issue on patriotism and education.

Educating for Democracy in K-12 Schools

Phi Delta Kappan. September 2003 special issue on Democracy and Civic Engagement. Guest edited by Joel Westheimer and Joe Kahne. (follow links on table of contents to get full access to the articles)


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Community and Democracy in Schools


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Democratic Pedagogy and Academic Freedom in Higher Education


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Service Learning


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International Issues


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